Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bitcoin's Dry Spell?

Let’s face it. The fact that you are interested in Bitcoin is its ability to jump up (or dive down). In short, you are merely an speculative investor. Two months ago, if you bought one bitcoin for 587.40, all you have left now is 337.37. Roughly a 42.6% loss.
Why not become a wise investor? Use our trading portal and see traction on your Bitcoin investment. By using our portal, we encourage growth to your bitcoin digital currency. Try it to believe it. We do accept Bitpay.

Not All Prepaid Cards are the Same

Hey! I’m selling Compumatrix virtual prepaid cards. Virtual what? Where can I use that? Can I use it at Amazon? Nope. Walmart? Nope. Target? Old Navy? Zynga Farmville? Nope. Nope and Nope.
So what can I use it for? The Compumatrix Virtual Prepaid Cards are used by people who wants to increase their savings and earnings online. I sure can’t use it directly to pay for all of those merchants you mentioned. But, the moment I get my earnings from sales commissions I receive I can absolutely afford to buy from any of those places you’ve mentioned.
It is a prepaid card but it is not a debit nor a credit card. It is not even physical. It is delivered to you electronically just like your Zynga Game Card or Amazon Gift Card. But the best benefit of it all is that it allows you to earn, save and increase your financial standing. You sure can print it out and sell it offline to your customers. And that builds your income on an upward trajectory. Who doesn’t want an extra income working part time or full time on your PC or smartphone?
Compumatrix ensured that the cards not only benefit them but provides a lucrative work as a Virtual Prepaid Card Reseller or Dealer, as well. Does Walmart let you earn when you buy their card? Target? Old Navy? Amazon? Their answer is No. Nope. Nada. But with Compumatrix Virtual Prepaid Card? Yes. Yes. Yes!
As users of these cards grow exponentially because of their unique marketing strategy, you will soon find that this is the only card you’d need to shop online and offline and accepted by merchants worldwide. Say goodbye to credit scores. You can earn through your productivity online as long as you’re willing to take that extra step to embrace the changes Compumatrix offers.